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At Holt House maths is fun and engaging for pupils. Children enjoy learning to count in a variety of active ways and our interactive learning areas provide maths challenges and activities.

Developing factual fluency is a main focus at Holt House, and children have a daily discrete ‘Number Sense’ lessons. Number Sense maths is a structured teaching programme which develops confidence and flexibility with number, and fluency in addition and subtraction facts.

Main maths sessions consist of whole class and small group teaching. As children begin Year One they are given increasing opportunities to work to consolidate and develop their knowledge independently. Our Maths curriculum is carefully structured to support children to become confident mathematicians, with the resilience to challenge themselves. Following research on learning behaviours, learning is structured so that children regularly return to key knowledge over time (spaced retrieval) and switch between ideas while studying (interleaving knowledge). This helps children to build on what they have learnt, and develop good fluency and understanding in arithmetic and reasoning. The curriculum is based on the White Rose Maths planning resource.

Where children struggle to learn or understand particular areas of maths they are given additional support to help them to catch up. 

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