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Pre-School Curriculum

Pre-School Projects


In Pre-School we provide children with a rich learning environment, meeting all the children’s individual needs.

  • Toys – On entering Pre-School children will be immersed with toys! We will learn how all of these toys work and operate. We will look at different types of toys such as toys that you push, pull or operate using batteries.
  • Forces – We will continue to look closely at the toys in our environment but learn about the forces which operate them. We will also transfer these forces into everyday activities around Pre-School.
  • Materials – There are material all around us! We will learn new words to describe different materials and explore the natural materials around us.
  • Animals – We will find out all about the different animals that are around us. We will learn their names and what where they live. We will use toy animals in Pre-School to act out what we have learnt about these animals too.
  • Plants – Not only have we grown this year but now we are going to grow our own plants too! We will plant bulbs and flowers in our outdoor environment. We will care for these plants and watch them grow and change.
  • Family – We will learn about all of the different families in Pre-School. Although all of our families might look different we will learn that this is ok and that we are all loved.