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Year 2 Curriculum

Y2 is a fun filled year where we build on the knowledge and skills the children have already learnt, encouraging them to unlock skills which will drive their creativity in a dynamic way. We focus on a different project each half term. Projects incorporate History, Geography, Design Technology and Science, and are entitled: In To The Wild, Explorers, Staying Alive, British Living, Seaside Rescue and The World and Me. We work together to solve problems, think critically, be creative and challenge views. We continue to use the outdoors to enrich learning. Projects are brought to life through enrichment opportunities, for example a trip to Withernsea to climb the lighthouse, and outside visitors and events.


Other curriculum subjects (Art, Music, Computing, P.E and PSHE) are taught through separate lessons, again with a focus on creativity and making learning relevant.

Holt House curriculum is well sequenced, so children can revisit knowledge gained last year and build on it over the year. Our curriculum is current and relevant, contextualising the world in which we live. Citizenship is emphasised with children reflecting on their place in different communities and how they can grow as responsible citizens. Our curriculum is aspirational, focussing on a development of awe and wonder in the world that we live in, and people and organisations who can inspire us in our own lives.

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