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Our writing curriculum is closely linked to our reading curriculum. Carefully chosen, vocabulary rich texts, which include fiction, non-fiction and poetry, spark off children’s imaginations and form models for the different types of texts that children learn to write.  Our bespoke English curriculum is clearly structured, so that children can progress and build their writing skills over time. 

Writing starts in our pre-school, with mark making and learning to hold writing tools correctly.  In our reception classes children learn to form letters, words and then sentences. 

In key stage 1 children have a daily English lesson in which writing is taught and they have many opportunities to develop as writers.  The teaching of grammar and punctuation is woven progressively through our writing curriculum, so that children are enabled to write with increasing skill. 

In Y2 children are supported in writing longer pieces, which helps them to become fluent, independent writers, with good stamina for writing.  Children have opportunities to practise their writing skills in the other curriculum subjects; this helps them to apply what they have learned in their English lessons, become confident and creative writers and be well-prepared for their move to junior school.

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